Scandinavia & Russia

Imagine of a cool breezy morning and sailing through picturesque towns, towering cathedrals, museums packed with whimsical works, and complexes holding palace after palace. The scenery in Scandinavia is among the most dramatic on the planet. Baltic Sea is once sailed by the explorers of the Viking Age. This region on Earth is home to diverse cultures, languages and storied pasts. Wherever you decide to head, awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders will not leave your path. It stretches from Northern Europe across western Russia and into Scandinavia; perfectly outlining a region of breathtaking beauty, fascinating history and architectural splendor.

  • Cruising Waters Baltic Sea, North Sea
    Cruising Countries   Scandinavian Countries - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
    Baltic Countries - Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia
    Languages Spoken Wide variety of native languages. English is understood and spoken as second language.
    Time Zone  Denmark, Norway, Sweden -  GMT+1  | Finland & Baltic Countries - GMT+2 | St. Petersburg & Moscow - GMT+4
    Major Airports London (Southampton OR Dover port) - London Heathrow and Gatwik Airport | Copenhagen, Denmark - Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup
    Major Ports of Call Berlin-Germany, Copenhagen-Denmark, Helsinki-Finland, London (Southampton OR Dover port), Oslo-Norway, St. Petersburg-Russia, Stockholm-Sweden, Tallinn-Estonia
    Currencies On Board Princess Cruises - USD, Cunard - USD, P&O Cruises UK - GBP
    Currencies On Land Denmark - Danish Krone, Estonia & Finland - Euro, Norway - Norwegian Krone, Russia - Ruble, Sweden - Swedish Krona


    Best time to visit

    Summer is the best time to visit this region because winters are very cold! Baltic Sea is partially frozen during winter months (October to March) hence cruises to Scandinavia and Russia operate from late April to September.

    May  Scandinavia is beautiful in May; weather is milder and attractions are opening. You can see more greenery and parks in spring bloom.
    June  Warmer weather make June a favorite month of travel for many travelers. This month opens the summer travel season. You get a good scope of experiencing outdoor activities and open – air events in this region.
    July & August  Being peak season for summer cruising these months attract higher prices and crowds but it doesn’t get as crowded as Southern and Western Europe. 
    September  Temperatures start getting lower and travel costs starts sinking after summer season, this is a quite month to travel. 


    Average Temperatures

    Though the weather in this region is very unpredictable, you can expect temperatures as low as 7ºC at night which can go up to 21ºC in day.


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