Panama Canal

Cruising through a Modern Marvel

The Panama Canal was built to be the vital link between two huge oceans, and nearly 100 years after it first opened, it still serves that purpose admirably. During the past few decades, it has also become a terrific cruise destination, offering an unforgettable trip through one of the world’s engineering marvels and a sojourn through the lush landscapes of Central America. 

  • Cruising Waters : Atlantic Ocean & Pacific Ocean

    Cruising Region : Western Caribbean, Central America & Mexican Riviera

    Country &Capital :  Panama - Panama City

    Area : Panama Canal is 82 km long and has 3 locks Gatun, Pedro Miguel & Miraflores 

    Transit Duration : Approximately 10 hours are taken for the full transit through Panama Canal

    Best Time to Visit : Season begins in October and runs through April

  • The 50-mile, ten-hour trip through the canal takes you between the Atlantic and Pacific with the help of three massive locks: Gatun, Pedro Miguel and Miraflores. Because the trip takes a full day, the complexity of the canal’s engineering and the beauty of its surroundings are more than enough to hold your interest. This type of complete trip through the canal is called a "full transit” cruise. Another option for seeing the canal is a "partial transit” cruise. On these cruises, your ship will not go all the way through the canal. Instead, it will enter the canal and pass through one or two locks. 


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