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World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage to The Land of Happiness

Between the world-class mountainscapes, northern lights and ancient history, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries on the Earth. Visiting Norway once in your lifetime is not enough. You will want to come back to the same place, but that place will never be the same. Every day is like no other! Experience Norway's beautiful fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under the Midnight Sun or spectacular Northern Lights.

  • Cruising Waters Norwegian Sea   Time Zone  GMT+01:00
    Regions of Norway Eastern Norway, Fjord Norway, Northern Norway   Major Airport Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)
    Norway Capital Oslo   Famous Fjords Longest Fjord: The Sognefjord (204 kilometres)
    National Day  17th May   THE FJORDs of Norway: Geiranger / Hjorundfjord / Lyngenfjord 
    Population 51,37,679 inhabitants (as of 1 July 2014)   Famous Experiences Northern Lights (aurora borealis) most commonly observed above the Arctic Circle between late autumn and early spring.
    Local Languages Norwegian bokmål, Norwegian nynorsk and Sami BUT English is understood widely   Midnight Sun - Northern Norway enjoy 24 hours of daylight in Summer. In Arctic Circle the sun does not set. 
    Local Currencies  Norwegian kroner (NOK) 1 krone = INR 8.30 (Approx)    The Polar Nights - When the night lasts for more than 24 hours, which means the sun is below the horizon. 





    Spring (April & May) - The famous cherry blossom in Hardanger.

    You can feel nature virtually exploding into life all around you. While most consider spring a season that starts with the spring equinox in March, it may actually start as early as February in parts of Norway, when the snow may start to melt and the first flowers may start to appear. This is also the season when the temperature differences between the southern and northern part of the country are largest. In early spring the coastal areas of Western Norway usually has the highest temperatures, but in May the highest temperatures are usually found in the southern part of Eastern and Southern Norway. Spring is the time of year when daytime and nighttime temperatures differ the most.

    Summer (June, July & August) - Don’t sleep away the white summer nights

    Summer in Norway means long days, short nights, and often quite stable and pleasant temperatures on both land and sea. From late June to early August the weather is at its warmest and it never seems to get really dark. As soon as summer gets a firm grip on Norway, you’ll see the locals out and about to enjoy the sun after a long and cold winter. Late June to early August is when summer is at its peak, with temperatures that can reach 25°C–30°C. At the same time there is hardly any humidity in the air, and even at night temperatures can remain high. The further north you go, beyond the Arctic Circle, the more nights of midnight sun you will be able to experience in the summer.

    Midnight Sun

    The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the entire body of the sun is visible above the horizon 24 hours a day. This only happens north of the Arctic Circle. You can find the dates and locations for the Midnight Sun below.

    (Approximate Duration at different locations)

    North Cape 13-May 31-Jul
    Hammerfest 16-May 28-Jul
    Vardø 16-May 28-Jul
    Tromsø 20-May 25-Jul
    Harstad 24-May 20-Jul
    Svolvær 28-May 17-Jul
    Bodø 03-Jun 11-Jul

    Autumn (September & October) - A colorful time to explore Norway

    The days grow shorter, the food richer, the air crisper and the outdoor colors more spectacular. The perfect season for stress-free adventures. Autumn usually gives way to winter as early as October, but more often in mid-to-late November. Differences between north and south are less pronounced than in the spring, though Northern Norway and mountainous regions will be earlier than the coastal and inland areas. Nature is at its most dazzling as summer turns to winter. Whether hiking in the majestic mountains and countryside or spending time by the windy coast. Autumn is a time for great cultural experiences as well – be it art exhibitions, literature festivals or intimate club concerts.

    Winter (November to March) – The Best Time to See Northern Lights

    In winter, much of Norway is usually transformed into a snow-clad paradise, and that means ideal opportunities for exciting activities in the snowy landscape. But winter nights are long and dark in all of Norway, and from the middle of November until the end of January, the sun does not rise at all in parts of Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle. To experience the unbelievable colors that moves across the Arctic sky is on many travelers’ bucket list. Few places on earth offer more ways to witness the aurora borealis than Norway. In winter, the average temperature in Norway is -6.8 degrees, but the conditions may vary quite a lot. In Oslo and the surrounding areas, snowfall is common and the average temperatures are just below zero.

    Polar Nights

    The polar night is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours, which means the sun is below the horizon. This only occurs north of the Arctic Circle. You can find the dates and locations for the polar nights below.

    (Approximate Duration at different locations)

    North Cape 18-Nov 23-Jan
    Hammerfest 20-Nov 21-Jan
    Vardø 21-Nov 20-Jan
    Tromsø 25-Nov 16-Jan
    Harstad 30-Nov 11-Jan
    Svolvær 04-Dec 07-Jan
    Bodø 15-Dec 28-Dec
  • 6 Days Classic Voyage South (Kirkenes to Bergen)

    The Norwegian coast is one of the most exciting and varied adventure destinations in the world, with its stirring and varied landscapes. A voyage with Hurtigruten lets you explore highlights of this epic coast, and take you close to the culture and the everyday life of people living here. Have breakfast at the North Cape, challenge yourself on a mountain hike in Hammerfest or Lofoten, explore the wilderness on a snowmobile or on a dog sledge, enjoy a hi-octane adventure or discover cultural highlights.


    7 Days Classic Voyage North (Bergen to Kirkenes)

    Enjoy the atmosphere and culture in cities like Bergen, Ålesund and Tromsø – all filled with coastal history. Hurtigruten sails from Bergen to Kirkenes on this seven day trip, where you will see one landscape more dramatic than the other. This adventure will give you spectacular experiences you will never forget.


    12 Days The Classic Roundtrip Voyage (Bergen – Kirkenes – Bergen)

    This ultimate voyage with Hurtigruten is described by Lonely Planet as `The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage´. Hurtigruten takes you from Bergen to Kirkenes and back in 12 days. See 34 ports and cover over 2,500 nautical miles, which allows you to explore every inch of the coastal magic Norway has to offer. Any time of year, it’s a voyage like no other. The drama of the scenery and the wildlife will stir the explorer in you. Twenty-two of the ports lie north of the Arctic Circle – and you are given the opportunity to join excursions tailor-made to match your exploration level. Whatever you miss on the northbound sailing during the night, you are able to see in daylight on the southbound sailing.


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